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Sunday, May 17, 2009
Though fluorescent-filled mega-bookstores with chain-brand coffee will do in a pinch, Milwaukee's true lovers of the written word prefer the warm glow that emanates from an independent bookstore. Despite tough times for small businesses, city readers can still rely on favorites like Little Read Book in Wauwatosa or the unique Renaissance Books, a treasure trove of old and newer books found right in General Mitchell International Airport. And Mystery One Bookstore not only serves up crime and intrigue, but also regularly brings in authors to sign books and speak directly to their readership...
Banana Soup
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008
If senior citizens wanted to serve as footrests, or stand in corporate lobbies as experimental artwork, I’d be the first one to put my feet up, admire the view and applaud their work. But the reality is far more insidious, and the time to respect our elders has passed.
Banana Soup
Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008
Between DVRs, DVDs and daily ODs on cough syrup, today’s kids can pretty much raise themselves. Of course, you won’t find advice like that from the American Academy of Pediatrics, an anti-adult organization firmly in the pocket of Big Baby. Instead of heeding their cries for turning America into a child-welfare state, we need some straight talk to combat the curveballs thrown by those who go gaga over baby talk.
Banana Soup
Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007

Patriotism Redefined

Two months ago, I thought porking Ann Coulter was the ultimate way to serve this country. Then along came that rowdy band of patriots known as Blackwater to blow away my previous notion by blowing away Iraqi citizens for big-time cashola. Suddenly, those of us who thought we knew true patriotism were put to shame.

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