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Left and Right
Tuesday, Dec. 23, 2008
Earlier this month, the Reason Foundation, a libertarian think-tank based in Los Angeles, released a study conducted to assess the costs and benefits of a commuter light rail system being proposed for the corridor between Milwaukee and Racine. Interestingly, only those who listen to local talk radio would know that this study exists, as it was barely covered in the local media. The study was conducted by Thomas Rubin, a transit consultant also based in Los Angeles. Rubin's conclusion is that the Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee commuter light rail line (KRM) could not reach new rider goals, nor could it sustain the projected amount of riders.
Left and Right
Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2008
Those among us who are sure that Barack Obama has descended from Heaven to cool the planet, calm the seas, and bring peace on earth are getting a full dose of reality from the Rod Blagojevich scandal. Obama, in reality, has crawled and clawed his way up from the sewer of corruption and graft that is the Chicago political machine. No one has stated definitively that Mr. Obama played any part in the attempted sale of his senate seat. In fact, the transcripts of Mr. Blagojevich's conversations, in which he repeatedly refers to Mr. Obama using language unfit for prime time would seem to imply the opposite.
Left and Right
Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008
If the American taxpayer ends up bailing out the failing automakers based on this piece of feigned frugality and humility- blatantly staged for the caravans of media trucks and the helicopters following their trek- then this country has finally become too vacuous, shallow, and gullible to continue running itself. It might just be time to call the Chinese for advice.

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