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Friday, Oct. 24, 2008
For most workers, the year-end bonus no longer exists, having gone the way of company-paid holiday parties and gift turkeys. Indeed, such Yuletide Cheer is rare, except on Wall Street, which is licking its collective chops in anticipation of yet another round of big annual payouts. And why not? Extra effort means extra pay. And no group has worked harder at bringing down the economy and forcing a massive taxpayer-backed rescue plan than Wall Street's rat pack of wheeler-dealers, incompetents, and nogoodniks.
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Friday, Oct. 17, 2008
All this ruckus over the financial rescue package is prompting many people to cook up their own plans for saving our economy. One innovative idea goes like this: Screw bailing out banks, give money directly to the American people. Internet message boards are chatting up the idea. Callers on talk radio are asking about it. One of my closest relatives rang me up this weekend to discuss it and I, in turn, brought up the concept during a dinner with friends.
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Friday, Oct. 10, 2008

The British bank rescue plan is coming! The British bank rescue

The British bank rescue plan is coming! The British bank rescue plan is coming! Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson doesn't resemble Paul Revere, our country's famous midnight rider, but he's definitely signaling that a British-backed effort to resolve the banking and economic crisis is on the way to America. Following the Brits lead, Paulson now wants to put taxpayer money directly into banks, often in return for ownership stakes.

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