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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The rise of audio books

The print and publishing industries may be in flux, but a force has emerged that is making a significant impact on the way we see, or rather hear, the printed word. Despite the well-documented changes in the book industry, it appears that audio books are here to stay-and in the process, they may even save you a buck or two. Given their accessibility and transportability, audio books add another dimension to educating and entertaining our society. Granted, many...
Sunday, May 17, 2009
As summer approaches, what better way to get in shape than by hitting one of Milwaukee's pristine bike trails? Whether on bike, foot, skates or skateboard, Milwaukee gives you more than 100 miles of paved, scenic trails to choose from. You can start off your exercise routine on the East Side, where the Oak Leaf Trail will take you along Lake Michigan by the Milwaukee Art Museum and Alterra. Make sure to take a gander at Milwaukee's serene skyline while you're there. The Oak Leaf Trail winds through many other parts of the city as well. If you're feeling adventurous...
Monday, Feb. 9, 2009

Scorsese and his movies

The cover of Roger Ebert's Scorsese by Ebert (University of Chicago Press) shows the filmmaker looking at us from a controlled, elegant pose while reaching into his coat pocket with out-of-focus hands. What will he pull out? A gun? An envelope? A pack of cigarettes? Something lurks under the surface, and Ebert attempts to reveal it to us. Already a revered film critic, Ebert is also one of the most perceptive writers living...
Off the Cuff
Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008
DJ Madhatter (aka Jordan Lee) is part of the WAMI award-winning hip-hop group Rusty Ps. If he’s not scratching tunes at joints like Jackalope Lounj, The Jazz Estate or Stonefly Brewery, he’s teaching turntablism at the prestigious Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in two-week workshops.

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