Surveys / 2014 Best of Milwaukee Readers' Choice Finalist Round
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Our readers have spoken—but not for the last time! Over the last several weeks, thousands of readers nominated their favorite people and places in Milwaukee’s original “best-of” contest. We have tallied the top vote getters in each category (including tie votes) for Round Two, the final vote for the 2014 Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Awards. Here is your chance to vote for your favorites among the finalists.

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1) Please complete as many categories as possible. For your ballot to be valid, you must complete at least 15 categories in any combination of sections.

2) Shepherd Express reserves the right to disregard multiple ballots sent from the same address.

3) Businesses are not permitted to fill out or submit ballots on behalf of their employees, customers or anyone else with or without consent. Any business offering discounts or anything of value in exchange for votes will be automatically disqualified. Bands are not permitted to fill out ballots on behalf of their fans.

4) All completed ballots are subject to verification by our staff. By submitting this ballot, you agree that we may contact you for this purpose.

5) Ballots must be received by the Shepherd Express no later than Oct. 1, 2014.

The list of winners will be published in the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee issue. Results will also be available online at