Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dope Folks' Mixtape Will Complete Your Summer

By Evan Rytlewski
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For the last couple of years, the guys at Milwaukee's Dope Folks Records have been digging up rare, forgotten and downright obscure hip-hop from the '80s and '90s and reissuing it to vinyl. For those who haven't been following their output, they've released a sampler mix that makes it easy to catch up. Perfect for early-evening grill-outs, the hour-plus mix includes tracks from each the label's releases, including lost gems from Milwaukee's Stranj Child and Rock La Flow.

You can stream or download the mix below:

And here's the tracklist, courtesy of Wax Poetics:
Paint It Black: We Got Pull (“KILLED BY DEF VOL. 1″)
Rock La Flow: Freestyle Fanatic (“The Ultimate”)
Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad: Flip'n Keeloz (“Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad” EP)
Courageous Chief: Warpath (“Warpath EP” *** SOLD OUT)
MC Capone: Smooth Style (“Payroll Records Rare Tracks 88-91″)
Mixmasta D: Strate Phrum Da Krate (“Turntable Scientist EP +3″ *** SOLD OUT)
Stranj Child: Split Personality (“Stranj Child EP”)
Ruthless Rod & MC Dollar: In the Groove (“Loud as a Banshee”)
Prophets of The Ghetto: West Phil (“Wreckless Writers '96-'99″ ***SOLD OUT)
Rock La Flow: Wreckamic (“Flowgram Pt. 1″)
Legion of DUME: Knights of the Roundtable (“'94 DUME EP” **** SOLD OUT)
ILL Distracxion: I Heard Ya Don't Know (“Psychotic Nasty EP” **** SOLD OUT)
Hitman (Earplay Entertainment)- Die 4 my Iggaz (Earplay Entertainment '96 Brooklyn EP)
The Wizard of Rap: Escape From East New York (Remix) (“Escape From East New YorK”)
The Bizzie Boyz: Turntable Terrorizer (“Rare & Unreleased '87-'89″)
Supreme Nyborn: Versatility (Versatile Extension) (“Payroll Records Rare Track '88-'91″)
Rock La Flow: It Ain't All Good/Outro… (“Flowgram Pt. 2″)
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