The SXSW Round-Up (and More on the PBR Thing)

Mar. 17, 2008
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My vacation is over—I'm back from South by Southwest. For those who don't want to skim our site's SXSW blog, here are some quick highlights:

* R.E.M. and I have very different tastes in R.E.M. songs.

* Vampire Weekend dare you to hate them.

* Zooey Deschanel is delightful.

* Whether she actually rocks or not, Rachael Ray throws a great party.

* Texans have unhealthy eating habits...

* ...and they have an odd relationship with Pabst Blue Ribbon.

By the way, my good friend Andy Joanis added some additional insight to that final Pabst post. Ironically, while the Texans I encountered snubbed PBR, many of them instead drank Lone Star, which, Andy pointed out, is actually owned by Pabst and brewed by Miller.

Straight from Wikipedia, which never lies:

Milwaukee-based Pabst bought most of the Stroh brands, including Lone Star, in 1999, and began brewing Lone Star at the San Antonio Pearl Brewery to great fanfare. In 2000, the Pearl Brewery was closed because it was outdated and would have been too expensive to continue to operate or to bring up to date. Production of Lone Star is currently contracted out to non-Pabst owned breweries (e.g. Miller Brewing Company in Fort Worth).

I'm going to print that Wikipedia page, highlight it and bring it down to Austin next year.

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