Friday, Dec. 30, 2011

Badgers' Rose Bowl uniforms

By Nicole
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Adidas earlier announced that the Badgers would be wearing special uniforms for the Rose Bowl. Because they are the "away" team for the game, the Badgers will be wearing white jerseys.

A jersey has been being sold at various outlets for the past 10 days or so, but no confirmation came from UW that these were, in fact, the special jerseys.

UW confirmed it today.

The white jerseys with red letters feature a rose pattern within the red. The Motion W on the helmet will also have the rose print on it.

Check it out (pics via the Badger Football twitter, @BadgerFootball):

Jersey here

Helmet here

It's assumed that Adidas made this special jersey in resonse to the fact that the Badgers are playing Oregon, the jersey mouthpiece for Nike. Oregon has like 32 possible jersey combinations. They even have a new one for the game that Nike is saying is "Darth Vader" inspired.

You can see them in all their (what's the opposite of) glory:

I'm not such a big fan of Nike and OregoNike, so I'll keep the editorializing to a minimum.

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