Help The Banana Celebrate the End of the World

Pink Banana Theatre Looking for people to help out with THE END OF THE WORLD

Dec. 22, 2011
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The Mayan calendar ends its 13th Baktun on December 21st 2012. And all kinds of people are whimsically predicting the end of the world at the ed of that mayan calendar a little less than a year away. So the shows over on December 21st of next year. That’s when they start rolling the credits. 


Pink Banana Theatre celebrates the end of the world with One Acts 2012: The End of the World! its latest shorts program set to be staged this coming June at the Next Act Theatre on 255 North Water Street. Being a grassroots theatre company founded in a DIY aesthetic, the Pink Banana is looking for people who would be interesting in helping it out with the end of the world.


Writers A one-act festival is, of course, nothing without its one acts. They’re looking for anything about the end of the world that plays out over the course of a single act. It’s a pretty broad topic and . . . honestly I  feel like the subject hasn’t been explored nearly as creatively as it could have been over the course of human history. The concepto f the end of the world is so deliciously absurd that it seems kind of weird that authors and paranoid schizophrenics alike have tapped so little of the potential for narrative weirdness and serious drama that comes from a concept like this.


Anyone interested in submitting an end of the world script for consideration should email it in Word Doc, PDF, or Plain Text, and send it along with your name to The subject heading should read PLAY SUBMISSION. The deadline for consideration for the end of the world is 11:59 pm, January 31st, 2012.


Directors This is one of the things that I love about Pink Banana . . . they want to consider anyone who wants to help them out with the end of the world. Anyone. People who would like to direct a play but never have are considered right alongside people who have extensive experience directing. If you’re interested in directing a short, contact Pink Banana at The subject heading should read DIRECTOR. Give them your name and contact info. A resume is not necessary, though I’m sure it will be considered if offered. They’ll take it from there and set-up an interview with the one-act crew.


Actors Again, they’re considering anyone for the show whether you’ve had experience or not. And since the scripts haven’t come in yet anddeadline hasn’t approached yet, it’s tough to say what kind of actors they’re going to need, so they’re looking for just about anybody. Head shots and resumes will be welcome but not required. Cold readings from the scripts will be available at the time of a formal audition, so if you don’t have a prepared monologue, it’s not a problem. They’re looking to hear anything that comes in less than two minutes. Auditions are set to be held in mid-February. Exact dates are to be determined. Dates and further developments will be announced on the company’s website.



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