Sunday, March 16, 2008

Marquette gets a #6 seed

By Nicole
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I feel like I'm pretty happy with a 6 seed. We did lose 9 games. I think our tournament run, the two wins over eventual #4 seed Notre Dame and the win over #3 seed Wisconsin were huge marks on our tournament resume. When I saw Notre Dame's seed, I was frankly afraid that meant an 8 or 9 seed for MU. The 5 seed is like the kiss of death in this tournament recently, so I'll take the 6 seed matchup against Kentucky.

Looking ahead - it could be an interesting ride for MU. A possible second round matchup against Stanford. If they get past that, a possible matchup with Texas. If the right MU team shows up, I don't automatically take Texas in that game. Plus, how do we work the theory that MU beat Wisconsin, who beat Texas? UW's win over Texas and MU's win over UW were very early in the season, so we're looking at very different teams at this point in the season.

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