Six Stories--One Room in Racine

Over Our Head Players present Milmore and VanZandt’s DO NOT DISTURB

Sep. 12, 2011
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The hotel room is a perfect springboard for just about any kind of story. It'™s a generic spae that can be filled with just about any kind of human drama or comedy. Pink Banana stage a production of Stephen Belber'™s hotel-based one act drama Tape in an actual hotel room. There was kind of a memorable horror film. One of the more memorably surreal horror films of the past few years was 1408--”so named after the hotel suite it was based in. My favorite hotel-based fiction piece has to be Thomas M. Disch'‚™s Amnesia You wake up naked with complete amnesia in a hotel room with nothing else in it. What are you going to do? Clever stuff . . .

With Do Not Disturb, playwrights Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore seem to be channeling more of a bedroom farce type of comedy for hotel stories. Kind of like the film Four Rooms . . . it'™s a series of six shorts all taking place in the same hotel suite. Over Our Head Players opens its season with the comedy. Here'™s a look at what you get for your trip to Racine:

The Pick Up is about a man meeting a woman in a hotel room . . . he gets more than he bargained for in a pretty typical comic premise . . .

Superstar is the story of a woman who finds herself in a hotel with a movie star. He can't quite live-up to his image.

The Blue Movie sounds like classic hotel-based bedroom farce material complete with bellhop getting trapped in a pornographic film being shot in the suite.

Wedding starts with the idea of a nervous groom becoming attached to the bride-to-be'™s sister via his fly. Physical comedy, then I guess . . .

Rendezvous is a comedy of a woman, a man, his wife and, evidently an electric drill.

Suicide Ballet sounds by far the most promising short in the set of six. A man tries unsuccessfully to kill himself and accidentally kills half the population of the hotel in the process. With the right . . . um . . . execution, this could be a lot of fun. I remember having an idea for a story like this two years into high school, which would'™ve coincided, oddly enough, with the publication of this script in '™92 . . . weird . . .

Over Our Head Players  production of Do Not Disturb  runs September 24th -“ October 9th for reservations, call 262-632-6802.


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