Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010

Auditions For A Nice Guy and A Few Young Asian Actors--

The Boulevard Theatre Looking to Cast a Couple of Plays

By Russ Bickerstaff
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One of the two or three most intimate theatre spaces in town, the Boulevard Theatre is an interesting opportunity for untested talent. Those who may have only a bit of experience onstage can potentially experience greater physical challenges than those given to professional actors on much larger stages. It’s also an opportunity to connect-up with an audience in extremely close proximity, which is one of live theatre’s greatest strengths . . . Just last Friday, the Boulevard announced that it was looking to cast a couple of upcoming shows “as soon as possible.” Here’s a look at some of what they need:

The company is looking to cast the role of Andrew in its production of Becky Shaw scheduled to run February 9th- March 13th. The show is being directed by talented Milwaukee actor David Flores. It’s a contemporary comedy about a married couple who set up a couple of single friends on a blind date. The script reads like a very well-polished, very cleverly scripted sitcom. Andrew is a nice guy who manages a law office. Being a nice guy, he also ends up being the one to set-up the conflict by arranging a blind date between a guy named Max and the title character. So the Boulevard is looking for a male actor who can seem nice enough and naïve enough to think that setting two people on a blind date is anything even remotely resembling a good idea. . . sounds like fun . . . .

The Boulevard is also looking to cast lead roles for its upcoming production of Cowboy Vs. Samurai. . . a play with a compellingly narrow demographic for its cast—Veronica is a beautiful Korean-American who has moved to a small Wyoming town and run into a couple of Asian guys there . . . one of whom is also described as Korean-American. A single, “ruggedly handsome,” Caucasian guy rounds out the cast. Casting can sometimes be pretty flexible with regards to race. (A decade and a half ago, I appeared in a community theatre production of Rashomon without a single Asian actor . . . ) but Cowboy Vs. Samurai is very specific to young Asian actors as it explores the nature of cultural and ethnic identities as they play-out in the contemporary U.S. Travis is an English teacher in Breakneck, Wyoming . . . the only Korean-American in the tiny town until Veronica shows-up. He’s attracted to her. The catch? She’s only into dating Caucasian guys. This could be a really, really interesting production with all the right actors. Here’s hoping for the right cast . . .

Actors interested in more information should contact the Ensemble's Artistic Director Mark Bucher through either emailing  ( or by calling the Boulevad’s 24-hour voice mail system at 414-744-5757.

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