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Feb. 16, 2010
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I thought it would be worth mentioning this particular mag I happened upon in the most unusual of ways. As a matter of fact, I don't actually remember how I came upon this. It's bookmarked, and I remember having read it some time ago and completely forgotten about it, and then at some point this week I remembered its name and did a little search.

Once I reached their main site, it all came flooding back. I like this Jersey Devil Press. I plan on submitting to them because I like it so much. And I've picked out a couple stories from their third issue to share with you:

"You and Me and the End of the World," by M.R. Lang.


Adam nods to a wristband on Sara’s left arm. If nothing else, accessories tend to bring attention. Sara wasn’t one for attention, really. Then again, someone like Sara knows how to cut one’s wrists properly. A horizontal cut along one wrist must be Sara’s way of saying, “oh yeah?!” Whatever the answer is to that questions is, it isn’t “yeah!”

"The Boy Who Threw Rocks at Trains," by Gavin Broom.


Bare-chested, the boy stands amongst the weeds and dirt on the embankment with a white shirt tied round his waist, leaning into the slope like he’s pulling a stunt on a skateboard. Maybe he feels the attention or perhaps Ben’s luck had washed off in the shower but moments after the boy’s arm flails like he’s grasping for balance, a rock the size of a potato appears out of the summer sky and crashes into the window, right in line with Ben’s nose.


As I was going through some of the newer stories, I had this strange feeling like I was reading some of them a second time. I remember visiting this site a while back, and yet even though I was reading through some of the same stories I'd already read, I found myself clinging to each one up to the end. Great stuff.


Ken Brosky

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