Rudolph Sells-Out (Still Pissed-Off)

Patrick Schmitz’s Christmas Comedy Sold Out At the Alchemist Theatre

Dec. 31, 1969
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Now in its second year, Patrick Schmitz’s Rudolph the Pissed-Off Reindeer has sold out the entire remainder of its run at the Alchemist Theatre. The show, which runs for the next two weekends has quite a few performances remaining. There are late-night show and matinees as well as the standard evening shows.

There are currently has no seats available for advance purchase at the Alchemist Theatre website. All dates are in red. Earlier today on Facebook, Schmitz made the announcement the show had been sold-out, adding that there's evidently a group in Kenosha that has purchased the rights to stage a production of the comedy next year. 

With about a half a dozen Christmas shows behind me, I’m pretty much finished with the stage end of the season. This year, the visual which is likely to stay with me through the end of the month is from Schmitz’ show. Near the end of the comedy, Nick Firer, in the role of a scruffy-looking decidedly unwholesome Santa is drinking (Irish coffee perhaps?) out of a Santa mug. Those ceramic Santa-shaped mugs—the ones where you’re drinking directly out of Santa’s head, always seem vaguely disturbing. A scruffy-looking Santa drinking out of a cheerful, wholesome image of himself is . . . comically disturbing. It’s possible I’ll never quite look at Santa the same way . . . it’s a fun show. Nice to see the comedy is a hit in its second year. Congratulations go out to Patrick Schmitz and the Alchemist Theatre. 

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