Seven (x1) Samurai With Theatre Gigante

One Man stands-in for over 100 actors on a small stage

Dec. 31, 1969
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Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai is a one of the most acclaimed films of all time. Having seen a number of Kurosawa’s other films, I don’t find it as personally interesting as some of his other work. I personally appeared in a community theatre stage adaptation of Kurosawa’s Rashomon over ten years ago and have always loved that film more than any other by the late Japanese filmmaker. I’ve also learned to love some of his less popular bits. (Dodesukaden is really good.)  but even as often as Rashomon has been referenced in popular culture, The Seven Samurai will always be his most popular film.

In tribute to the popularity of the film, David Gaines has written a one-man show. Gaines has put together a simple live theatrical show that manages to cut a 207-minute film featuring a credited cast of  over 100 actors down into a one-actor performance short enough to be presented with one other film-inspired stage performance as Theatre Gigante presents A Night At The Movies this weekend only . . . November 5 – 7 at the Off Broadway Theatre. The show consists of Gaines' 7 (X1) Samurai as well as “. . .and Action!”--Malcom Tulip’s examination of the art of filmmaking. A professor of theatre at the University of Michigan, Tulip’s past collaborations with Theatre Gigante have been a great deal of fun. Tulip has a very compelling stage presence that holds-up quite well alone onstage.

As for  David Gaines, an eight-minute trailer from his website be found here.

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