Kudos to the State Supreme Court

May. 14, 2009
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The state Supreme Court agreed to review the constitutional ban against same-sex marriage and civil unions of all kinds. No, the court isnít weighing in on whether the ban is meanspirited, discriminatory and redundant. (Even though it is.) Itís going to review whether the referendum approved by the majority of Wisconsin voters in 2006 was legal or not. Seems that referendums can only ask a question about one subject, while this one combined twoósame-sex marriage and civil unions.

Even if the court finds that the wording of the referendum was improper, that wouldnít legalize same-sex marriage or civil unions in the state. Wisconsin already has a law that bans same-sex marriage (thatís why the amendment is redundant). But Gov. Doyle has proposed more benefits for domestic partners in his budget, which would help to provide some protection for these relationships.

Letís hope the courtís ruling, which could come as early as the end of this year, is the one that removes discrimination from our state constitution.

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