Book of Zombies

2356 days ago
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Just in time for Halloween, Glenn Kays Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide (published by Chicago Review Press) is a chronological account of every zombie picture the author could locate. He found many, beginning with Bela Lugosis White Zombie (1932) and running through Will Smiths I Am Legend (2007). Although Kay uses the word classic a little too liberally, a few specimens of the horror subgenre might rise to the level of importance, especially Val Lewtons atmospheric I Walked With the Zombie (1943), George Romeros grizzly Night of the Living Dead (1943) and Danny Boyles viral update, 28 Days Later (2002). Even the author, clearly a fan if a discriminating one, admits that many of his selections are junk. A few interesting surprises do crop up. Who knew that Michael Curtiz, who went on to direct Casablanca, made a movie called The WalkingDead (1936).
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