Jay-Z vs Oasis (again, only this time on mixtape)

Aug. 25, 2008
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The Jay-Z/Noel Gallagher has taken on a life of its own, and much of the novelty is wearing off at this point. It was funny when Jay-Z took the stage at Glastonbury strumming a nagging version of “Wonderwall,” but less so when Jay-Z revived the feud in his latest single, “Jockin Jay-Z.” Fans, meanwhile, won’t let it die, creating lazy YouTube videos and the like.

A little known DJ named Cookin Soul, meanwhile, at least created something worth listening to as he cashed in on the feud: a Grey Album-styled mash-up of Jay-Z and Oasis songs that’s actually way better than it sounds. The last thing the world needs is another Jay-Z mash-up album, but this one is way better than most, including Cookin Soul’s own Jay-Z/Elvis mash-up and Mick Boogie’s boring Jay-Z/Marvin Gaye mash-up. Oasis’ melodies and guitars make for a novel back-drop, and Cookin Soul makes good use of the band’s symphonic arrangements. Plus, Oasis songs always sound better than you remember them. The mix is available for free on Cookin Soul’s Myspace page.

So Jay-Z vs Oasis is a winner, but unless someone comes up with something truly monumental, I’m through with Jay-Z mash-ups for a while. Come on DJs: It’s time to move on to Lil Wayne. Where’s my Weezy/Devo mix?

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