Friday, May 30, 2008

A Taste of Summer

By Evan Rytlewski
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Waukesha wonít soon pose a challenge to Milwaukeeís ďcity of festivalsĒ crown, but Iíve got to admit, Iím legitimately impressed by the music lineup at the cityís A Taste of Summer festival, which out-state-fairs most state fairs. David Cassidy, Davy Jones, Bret Michaels, Tommy James and the Shondells and Roger Hodgson will all perform during the festivalís five-day run next week.

Thereís a curious trend in the lineup, though: Many of the headliners are frontmen performing without their signature band. Weíve got Bret Michaels, but no Poison; Roger Hodgson sans Supertramp; and Dennis DeYoung doing a show billed as ďThe Music of StyxĒ without, of course, Styx.

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