Those Guys Who Were in Those Shows: On Tour

Jun. 18, 2014
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summer boys
Two comics are coming to town. They’re touring the country this summer. They’re the millennial  generation’s current version of “that guy who was in that show that one time.” You may have seen Josh Fadem as that kid who played Liz Lemon’s Agent on three episodes of 30 Rock between 2009 and 2012. (Yeah. That guy.) Johnny Pemberton plays the doubtlessly crucial character “Delroy” in the big, Hollywood feature comedies 21 Jump Street AND 22 Jump Street.

So it’s another chance to see what kind of thing that is lurking around the edges of bigger pop cultural phenomena. Should be an interesting look into the comedy potential resting just outside the frame.

Fadem and Pemberton’s Summer Boys Do It! Comedy Tour!  comes to the Underground Collaborative on 161 W. Wisconsin Avenue this Saturday, June 21. For ticket reservations, visit Milwaukee Comedy online.

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