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Brewed Café: Same Charm, New Name

Short Order

Jan. 26, 2010
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After many years in business, Brewed Awakenings, located in the heart of Brady Street (1208 E. Brady St.), quietly changed its name to Brewed Café. The change has been smooth, and all of the funky charm remains. Coffee drinks are still served in abundance, in addition to old favorites like vegetarian chili, a hummus wrap and meaty sandwiches. There are some changes, however. Breakfast is now served at all hours, so if you crave a waffle with the works, you are no longer restricted to the morning. Flatbread pizzas have been added as well. Five of the six toppings are vegetarian, and pita bread may be ordered as a crust instead of flatbread. The place otherwise remains the same, with patrons glued to laptops while nursing espresso drinks.


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