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Rest Stop

Jan. 10, 2010
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I am resting on a pile of produce boxes

on the sidewalk near the curb

at Fairway, a very classy

supermarket on the upper

west side of Manhattan, when

from out the door to the sidewalk display

comes Melanie Griffith dressed in a pink suit

wearing clunky black heels and black

stockings on her shapely thin legs,

and blonde hair in a kind of wind

blown flip, talking to one of the clerks

wearing a green apron marked Fairway

just as pleasant as you please, and

from where I sit it is something

instructional she is asking and he

is telling her about green beans

or maybe carrots and she keeps smiling

and then she leaves clicking away

on those heels carrying her carrots

and he comes up to me and asks if

I am all right, which was nice of him

considering that he just finished talking

to Melanie Griffith and I am sitting

on his boxes.

Helen Padway lives laughing, loving, and learning in Glendale, Wisconsin.
Her romance with words (and life) is both a pleasure and a challenge. Her
poetry has become the gateway to her inner mirror and the world around her.
Her poem was originally published in the 2009 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar.


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