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Milwaukee's Best Late-Night Restaurant and Takeout/Delivery Menu

Pizza Shuttle

1935 days ago
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Regardless of your late-night craving, Pizza Shuttle can probably help you satisfy it. The menu at this East Side institution covers an entire wall, and offers not only pizza but calzones, Italian dinners, subs, pitas, wraps, gyros, salads, chicken, ribs, burgers, soup, chili and just about any appetizer that can be breaded and deep-fried. Pizza Shuttle comes most alive at night, when concertgoers and bar patrons fill the booths and plug the jukebox as they cap the evening with just about any kind of drunk food they fancy.



Pizza Shuttle
1827 N. Farwell Ave.





Runners-up (Late-Night Restaurant): George Webb, Oakland Gyros

Runners-up (Takeout/Delivery): Emperor of China, No. 1 Chinese


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