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Milwaukee's Best Burger

Sobelman’s- Two Locations

Nov. 15, 2009
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We’re not sure which Sobelman’s our readers like best. For years many have gone to the original, a corner bar that became a destination point on the strength of its burgers. This summer the owner opened Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill, serving even better burgers. The difference? The meat comes from cows fed the natural way, on grass. It’s a bit more expensive, but customers get more for their money. Burgers from grass-fed cows are meatier and bigger because they contain less fat and shrink less.

Sobelman’s Pub & Grill

1900 W. St. Paul Ave.


Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill

1952 N. Farwell Ave.



Runners-up: Kopp’s, Elsa’s on the Park


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