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Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009

Milwaukee's Best Local Character

Brewers’ Racing Sausages

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An epic race like no other takes place in the middle of the sixth inning of every home game at Miller Park. Unlike wannabe contests like the Boston Marathon or Olympic Steeplechase, this meet takes more than heart and sweat and tears. It takes wieners—Bratwurst, Polish Sausage, Hot Dog, Chorizo and Italian Sausage, to be specific. You know how it works: Select your favorite of five Klement’s Racing Sausages and hold on to your seat as they vie for glory each and every game. Individual triumphs are great, but together these sausages have won over the city, and you’ve rewarded them with this year’s prize for best local characters. 

Runners-up: Frank “Pepperoni Cannoli” Pecoraro, Bernie Brewer, Art Kumbalek