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Nov. 14, 2009
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As a general rule, it’s never a good reflection on your career when you’re the subject of an enduring death hoax. Where similar death rumors of, say, Kanye West, were dismissed almost immediately, false reports of Sinbad’s death, spawned by nothing more than a few lines in a Wikipedia entry, spread across the Internet throughout 2007—not that Sinbad’s complaining too much, though. As offers to star in family movies become scarce, Sinbad’s death gave the comedian his biggest publicity boost of the decade (seconded, shortly after, by his role as a witness of Hillary Clinton’s odd Bosnian sniper exaggeration).


Scott Walker has proposed virtually eliminating the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. If passed, do you believe that Walker’s proposal would directly or indirectly impact the health of you or your children?

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