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Short Orders (Roast)

Roast’s Urbane Coffeehouse Setting

Sep. 23, 2009
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The name Roast explains it all. This small coffeehouse located on the corner of Maryland and Locust (2132 E. Locust St.) near UW-Milwaukee features specialty coffee drinks and chai teas. The urbane setting also features artwork and photographs on display. Service is casual—all items are listed on a chalkboard over the cash register and you order at the counter. The Caramel Cosmo is a caramel latte and the Raspberry Truffle adds white chocolate to the mocha. There are 10 options for specialty chai, with names like Stinger and Yellow Jacket. This popular spot for UWM students, with a few tables and a small counter along one window, provides refuge from the student union. Hungry? You’ll find a few sandwiches (meat and veggie) and salads at affordable prices.

Photo by Amelia Coffaro


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