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Short Orders (Silver Spring House)

Milwaukee Culinary History

2032 days ago
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The Silver Spring House (6655 N. Green Bay Ave.) is a vintage piece of Milwaukee County history with origins dating back to 1856. Although the current building was built later, it has abundant charm and beautiful oak woodwork. While the bar is a popular hangout, the Spring House is very much a restaurant. Much of the menu consists of salads, appetizers and sandwiches. The few entrees include a New York strip steak, BBQ ribs and hunter’s stew. But there also are daily specials such as roast turkey, prime rib or T-bone steak. Naturally Friday offers a fish fry and it’s the day the Spring House is busiest. In addition to atmosphere, the moderate prices are a draw. The prime rib special is one of the priciest at $15.95. In addition to the main dining rooms there is an enclosed porch with more windows but less charm. Try for a seat at the small patio, where a large maple tree shades the tables.

Photo by Amelia Coffaro


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