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Wednesday, Aug. 5, 2009

Short Orders (G. Groppi Food Market)

Shines as a Neighborhood Grocer

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The G. Groppi Food Market (1441 E. Russell Ave.) is one of those increasing rarities: a small neighborhood grocer. This is the type of store to which people walk rather than drive. Though it appears small from the outside, it manages to stock a decent selection, from produce to a meat counter and deli case. The specialty at the deli is panini, with 16 to choose from. Prosciutto with Gouda is a solid choice. Ask for it warm and use the extra time to explore the market. The beer selection is especially impressive, particularly the brands from Belgium, which are chilled and ready to serve. There are no tables in the crowded interior; everything is strictly for takeout. Every neighborhood should have a market like this.

Photo by Amelia Coffaro