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Short Orders (Delafield Brewhaus)

Delafield Brewhaus’ Summery Fare

Jul. 8, 2009
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The intersection of I-94 and Highway 83 in Delafield is a maze of motels, big-box stores and strip malls. But if you head east on Hillside Drive, just south of the freeway, you’ll find a respite from the noise, the Delafield Brewhaus (3832 Hillside Drive). Enter into the beer hall, a two-story space with a balcony by the front windows. Brewery tanks fill the center of the room, and a large bar is off to one side. Wisconsin beer memorabilia adorns the walls. In one corner, what appears to be an oversized wooden beer barrel is actually a wood oven used for baking pizzas. The menu is geared toward casual fare, including a large Bavarian brat served on a tasty pretzel roll. Lunch offers sandwiches, salads and pizzas. The dinner menu adds entrees of chicken, seafood and steak. Several of the house-brewed beers are always available. Currently there is a Sommerzeit Hefe Weizen with a pale yellow hue and a fine flavor. With its location overlooking the wooded Kettle Moraine hills, this is a great place for summery fare.

Photo by Kate Engbring 


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