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Terrior Bute

Realm Dwellers (Vicious Pop)

Jul. 6, 2009
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Precedents exist for making punk rock out of synthesizers, but recent history hasn't produced many albums worth hearing. Milwaukee synth-punk trio Terrior Bute bucks the trend, though, with a sophomore disc that is worth a listen for its utter spazziness alone. The combination of electronic keyboards and acoustic drums owes some aesthetic debt to The Screamers, Devo, Sparks and Suicide, but Terrior Bute is having fun at the expense of their own screaming diffidence, nurturing a unique, (slam)dance contagiousness. The album features a song that could be about the Mitchell Park Domes, a Regis Philbin sample (just to see if they could get away with it, probably) and prog-jam. From there, figuring out what they're expounding on through the yelping, shouted/sung vocals is roughly half the fun.


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