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Under Evening Star Shower

Jul. 5, 2009
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Eyes cusp boom a ball of orange dream in above air,
stare out and up at flare flames.
                                         In star color noise vesper looks so open up.

Cream loud flame flares boom high into night skies,  
everyone with open mouth eyes stares tongued tied under vivid cloud flares.

                                         Fresh copper colors carve twinkle out above.                     

The night boom claps violet loud pushing everyone closer. 
A purple burst peel bloom of star flare eye flavor.

Linseed oil rain frozen in patriotic satiated impressions drift sizzles against 

We tongue eye rose hot frazzles from wet mud earth.  
Stark dust bubbling colored in heights above.  

           We pull them down from the starred dark, we take them home.

The dark air is cozy moon full, smoke drifts in night.

Dylan Engel, a UW-Milwaukee creative writing alumnus, is a Milwaukee poet and literary artist.


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