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Short Orders (Dales)

Dale’s Deals in Soups and Sandwiches

Jun. 10, 2009
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Dale’s (6132 W. Capitol Drive), located on a very busy street, has a welcoming faade and a parking lot. Most of the patrons gather in the bar area, a dark room with a few tables, but they come for the food as well as the drinks. The crowd, which tends to be older, finds good value in a menu that offers a selection of sandwiches at modest prices ($3.25-$5). You will find barbecue chicken, a Reuben, sausages, burgers (even an ostrich burger) and a large crab cake sandwich. Steak sandwiches are charged at “market price.” Beyond sandwiches, Dale’s is most noted for soups. Owner Dale Middleman wrote a book containing more than 200 soup recipes, all of which have been served here. But it will take many visits to try them all, as only a few are served each day.

Dale’s | Photos by Miranda Chaput


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