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Short Orders (Sonic)

Drive Right In

Apr. 22, 2009
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With summer approaching, it’s time to try a new drive-in restaurant, Sonic (2080 Miller Park Way). Clad in a signature uniform, a server on roller skates delivers food to your car window. The menu offers a variety of fast-food options for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and the entire menu is available all day). The bacon cheeseburger toaster puts a twist on the original burger by presenting it on thick bread with hickory barbecue sauce and a crispy onion ring. The pineapple malt is served thick and made with real fruit. If you aren’t a sloppy eater, the drive-in experience can be fun. But be forewarned: The wait at lunchtime can be long. If you arrive before 11 a.m., the wait is much more reasonable.

Photo courtesy of Sonic


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