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Short Orders (Mai Thai)

Spring Forward

Mar. 25, 2009
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Springtime is in the air—at least when the sleet, snow and finally stop—and spring rolls are a specialty at Mai Thai, a Thai restaurant that opened last year at 1230 E. Brady St. There spring roll for each season of the year. Winter is wrapped with fresh rice paper and filled with cucumber, bean sprout, hard sausage and a bit of egg. Spring uses chilled rice paper and a lighter filling of shrimp, tofu, lettuce, carrot and rice vermicelli. A four-seasons sampler allows the diner to try all four. This is easily most charming Thai restaurant in the area. The bar is relaxing, especially when seated in one of the wicker armchairs. The dinroom has private seating and soothing tones of deep blue. Be sure to try the shrimp with crab appetizers that are wrapped with wonton skins. They are ever so delicious.


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