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Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009

Short Orders (Mona's)

Turkish Delight

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Farwell Avenue between Brady Street and North Avenue is home to many inexpensive eateries offering carry-outs and deliveries. Here you can find Thai, Italian, Indian and even Ethiopian food. Now add a Turkish option to the mix. A bright yellow awning sports the name Mona’s (1814 N. Farwell Ave.), a Turkish shawarma house. Shawarma is the Middle Eastern name for this cousin of gyros. It’s served in small slices and lacks the strong garlic of Greek gyros; the flavors are also subtler and the meat is leaner. The rest of the menu wanders through Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean. There are vegetarian dishes such as tubului, hummus and an Istanbul version of babaghanouj. Entrees include meat and veggie kabobs, which are also offered as sandwiches. Prices are cheap—the most expensive option is a half grilled chicken for $7.95—and Mona’s is open late.