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Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009

Short Orders (Metro Bar & Cafe)

Morning Tea

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Little touches set it apart: the twist of lime on the rim of a glass of cranberry juice, the faux modern paintings on the wall… Ten years after it opened, Metro Bar & Cafe, just off the lobby of Hotel Metro (411 E. Mason St.), remains a timelessly elegant setting with its chrome and wood, leather and warm fabrics. The menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner includes many treats, but who knew that it was a place for a good conversation over tea and scones? Although they offer only a selection of tea bags rather than loose leaf and steeped, the scones are among the best in town. On a recent visit the apricot variety was crunchy and warm, buttery and slightly tangy. For those who prefer coffee, scones are an option with the Metro’s continental breakfast. 

Metro Bar & Cafe| Photos by Kate Engbring