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James Intveld

Tonight @ Vnuk's Lounge - 8:30 p.m.

2251 days ago
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At this point, rockabilly has become so thoroughly intertwined with punk that it’s almost more shocking to hear to hear a modern musician play traditional, ’60s rockabilly music—not some drunken, high-speed subversion thereof. James Intveld, who plays Vnuk’s Lounge tonight at 8:30 p.m., is one of the most classicist of all the rockabilly performers, so indebted to pioneers like Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran that he makes Chris Isaak seem like Johnny Rotten by comparison. Though his gig as the singing voice of Johnny Depp’s teen idol in John Water’s biting Cry-Baby suggests a seditious streak, recent endeavors have found Intveld in a religious frame of mind: His latest album, Have Faith, follows his 2005 directorial debut, Miracle at Sage Creek, a Christmas family movie starring David Carradine.


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