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Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2008

Short Orders (Painted Parrot)

Caribbean Cruise

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The Painted Parrot (8028 W. National Ave.) is a fun, colorful restaurant that follows a Caribbean theme. Jamaican murals cover the walls and reggae music blasts from behind the large bar. The menu wanders through the Caribbean with a few Louisiana touches like jambalaya and gumbo. Try the jerk chicken plate. Though the sauce is tame by Jamaican standards, every table has a bottle of far spicier Scotch bonnet pepper sauce that will ramp up the volume. Entrees usually include steamed vegetables and fried bananas with a hint of cinnamon. Add a tiny paper parasol to the plate and you’ll feel like you’re thousands of miles from West Allis. Daily specials include all-you-can-eat crab cakes and even free Bloody Marys for an hour on Saturdays.

Painted Parrot | Photo by Kate Engbring