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Erin Hunter

Tonight @ the Mequon Schwartz Bookshop - 7 p.m.

Sep. 8, 2008
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Novelist Erin Hunter has stumbled upon an original (and unwaveringly adorable) idea for a children’s book series: It’s an action-packed, battle-filled epic adventure staring… cats. Warriors: The Power of Three, which is now on its fourth book, Eclipse, has proven popular with kiddies who can’t get enough of these fantastic tales of house cats on wonderful adventures, and also parents who find the idea of heroic kittens irresistibly cute. Hunter gives a 7 p.m. reading this evening at the Mequon Schwartz Bookshop.


Wisconsin’s Republican-led Legislature voted to expand the state’s school voucher program. Should taxpayer money be used to fund private, religious schools?

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