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Counting Crows and Maroon 5

Tonight @ the Marcus Amphitheater - 7 p.m.

2386 days ago
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The same magic that allowed Counting Crows' unkempt, dreadlocked singer Adam Duritz to date two of the three female leads from "Friends" must have carried over to Duritz's music career, because 15 years after the band's blockbuster debut album, they're still playing arenas and amphitheaters. In a testament to the power of '90s nostalgia and VH1, Counting Crows are even headlining tonight’s 7 p.m. bill at the Marcus Amphitheater, while Maroon 5, a younger, prettier and more commercially relevant adult-alternative band, opens. Duritz and his band of Crows are touring behind their first album in five years, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings, another one that details stark, existential dread with non-threatening, Van Morrison-style arrangements.


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