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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Soulstice

Today @ North Avenue

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Little-changed since the ’90s, Local H’s music still crashes and thrashes in deference to the glory days of grunge-rock, but a steady stream of respectable new material and a road-tested two-man show has prevented the band from becoming a nostalgia act. The group is touring behind this May’s 12 Angry Months, a calendar-themed breakup album that finds frontman Scott Lucas in fine, cynical form, but they’ll almost certainly revisit “Bound for the Floor” for the audiences at today’s Summer Soulstice, the East Side’s free music festival on North Avenue (they go on at 9 p.m.) Other bands on the daylong bill are of the local (but not Local H) variety: Northern Room, The Saltshakers, De La Buena and the reigning kings of Milwaukee-area outdoor music festivals, The Love Monkeys.