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I agree with Mr. McNally that the government spits on vets

Bob Schweitzer

Jun. 9, 2008
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I have to comment on the audacity of Joel McNally to not believe how horrible it was to return from Vietnam. Flower/protest people were accepting of vets who joined their cause, that's about it..... maybe a little hyperbole there, but what we faced coming home is as bad as what you hear. "Came home to a wall of rejection, baby-killer to me they did say my mind travelled back to my childhood, and the values of how I was raised And I'll always be proud of what moved me, to serve in that South asian war but I'll never forget the betrayal, of the country that I did it for."

I agree with Mr. McNally  that the government spits on vets, but I am saddened that he does also.

I wish he would grow up!

Bob Schweitzer

Vietnam vet


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