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Milwaukee: The Best City for Bacon?

185 days ago
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What Milwaukee is apparently known for

Milwaukee's been on a ton of those “Best Cities” lists lately, and we've made the list yet again. This time it's Huffington Post's The 11 Greatest Foodie Cities in America. That's quite a lofty accomplishment, and we do have a robust restaurant and dining scene that's only gotten better in recent years. So let's just scroll down and see if they mention our awesome farmer's markets, James Beard award winners, late night ramen... Bacon?! The best they could come up with is Milwaukee is a haven for bacon lovers.

While they did call out some great Milwaukee restaurants like Comet Cafe and AJ Bombers, their shortsightedness failed to see anything but a seemingly hipster paradise of cured pork belly. But is bacon wrapped meatloaf and bacon on a burger really that unusual? Definitely not. They failed to even search a little harder and find things like bacon-topped bloody marys and bacon tacos, which would have at least been more interesting to a general audience. So while we appreciate the good press, HuffPo, you really missed the mark. MKE is way more than bacon.  


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