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Thai Bangkok’s Bounty of Flavors

Short Orders

Aug. 14, 2014
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The attraction of Thai Bangkok (9112 W. Brown Deer Road) is its reasonably priced menu. Debit and credit card usage is limited to orders over $15, but that’s no difficulty when getting an appetizer and soup alongside an entrée. Especially good is the gang pad pak with choice of meat or tofu, served with pea pods, baby corn, eggplant, bamboo shoots, mushroom slices and carrot flecks drenched in a piquant red curry sauce with an underlying taste of (but not containing) peanuts. That hint of flavor may be attributable to a coconut milk base, which forms the stock for tom kha soup loaded with mushrooms, lemon grass, thin tomato wedges and scallion slivers. For $1 extra, add chicken or shrimp. Spring rolls fried to a flaky crispness are prepared with minced chicken or shredded veggies. A pineapple dipping sauce freshly prepared on the premises makes them all the more delectable. Thai Bangkok offers a bounty of authentic flavors made quickly.


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