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Short Orders (Hi Hat Lounge)

Natural Makeover

May. 28, 2008
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The outdoor tables at the Hi Hat Lounge (1701 N. Arlington Place) are some of the East Side’s most coveted spots for casual dining. The lounge’s neighboring facility, The Garage, has now added a weekday lunch menu that will allow more time to sit in the sun or eat indoors. The Garage’s interior has been remodeled, with tables and paneling of recycled wood and an arbor of recycled trees.

This natural den even has a disco ball! Try one of their appetizers or sandwiches, or “go green” with a salad. Chicken wings take a Buffalo approach with red pepper garlic sauce and blue cheese dressing. An alternate version has a habanero/teriyaki glaze with a Greek tzatziki yogurt sauce.

Why not? French fries are made from Yukon Gold potatoes with the skin on and are worth ordering as an appetizer alone. There are 10 different dipping sauces, ranging from homemade ketchup to sriracha mayo. Sandwiches include the haute dog, a jumbo frank served with the works. The tallboy BLT is equally jumbo, as is the mole burger, a thick slab of ground beef with Tex/Mex accents. As an added bonus, outdoor tables are more readily available during the day.

Hi Hat Lounge | Photo by Kate Engbring


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