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Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

Jasper Rude: Let Me In

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For un-ironic, classic-styled hard rock, with no winks or nods to more modern sounds, not even the metal that would spring forth from it, turn to Milwaukee’s Jasper Rude, who conjure the specters of Mountain, Grand Funk Railroad, et al. Throughout the 12 tracks on their latest offering, they toss the occasional bone to the sophistication that would mark later developments of what was once known as album-oriented rock, but they’re at their best when unleashing their heaviosity at full throttle. A stronger vocal presence could go a long way in selling all their angst, as could a mastering job that packs the sonic punch that would better fit the whallop they must intend to impart. Should they get over those hurdles, they may not only be rude, but dangerous besides.