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Casa Di Giorgio’s Big Italian Menu

387 days ago
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Nearing 60 years of operation, Franklin’s Casa Di Giorgio (3137 W. Rawson Ave.) has expanded its menu from regional Italian specialty pizzas and added elegance to its environs. Beyond the array of savory pizza pies (the cheese variety is a template for creating something nuanced and tasty from what many think is simply plain) are pasta, fowl, red meat, seafood, sandwiches and dishes catering to vegetarians and gluten-sensitive diners. Giorgio has one of the most extensive Italian menus in the area. Such a surfeit of options may influence quality at some points; during a recent supper visit with friends the marinara sauce for an order of eggplant parmigiana was flavorfully rich, but the tomato-based sauce on a spaghetti dish was a little bland. Enthusiastic service and wonderfully warm bread compensate some for occasional lapses. 


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