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Elvis Costello

Momofuku (Lost Highway)

2470 days ago
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  Roseanne Cash and Loretta Lynn co-wrote a couple of songs with Elvis Costello on Momofuku, but Costello’s new album isn’t Americana or alt country. If anything, it explores another foundational influence for one of Britain’s great songwriters of the past 30 years: ’60s rock. Although there are specific echoes of The Kinks and ? and The Mysterians, the inspiration is usually more generalized, coming through in the na-na-na refrains, soaring choruses, pumping organ and harshly distorted guitar riffs. Momofuku recalls that splendid time for rock ’n’ roll, even as Costello dips his lyrics in the acid of his disdain for the lies and foolishness of the postmodern world.


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