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Patty Larkin | Still Green (Road Narrows Records)

Nov. 4, 2013
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Poets often plumb the depths of their experiences for inspiration, but Patty Larkin didn’t have to look far for material for Still Green. The death of both her father and mother and witnessing her sister, a jazz pianist, suffer a stroke after surgery was enough to send the Milwaukee native to a dune shack on Cape Cod’s Outer Banks to read, reflect and compose a dozen heartfelt—and sometimes heart-wrenching—songs that the capture the depth and breadth of the musician’s soul. Rarely has Larkin sounded better, or her work captured more emotions than it has here.

Patty Larkin will appear on Thursday, Nov. 21, at Milwaukee’s Shank Hall and Saturday, Nov. 23, at Café Carpe in Fort Atkinson.


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